Tuesday, May 21, 2013

~*Day 22 of 365*~
"Side By Side"

It's been about 5 months since my last post. 
I can hardly believe how quickly that much time swished by...
2013  has been really full of new things for me.
 I've been writing, recording, and traveling all over the place.  
I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary of packing up my life and moving it here to Nashville.
Things have been so busy. 
This month has given me some down time from traveling, but I am working every day.
Some days I just get in this depressed kind of funky mood, and can't seem to shake it.
This last week, I have had multiple days like that.
It makes for a good balance, I suppose, as I am more often than not a very upbeat and positive person.
Nobody is unidimensional, though...that would just be stupid.
Today I had a breakthrough, I think.  And this song is a representation of that breakthrough.
Sometimes, someone comes into your life that is so good for you, it's just dumb that you didn't have them in your life before.  Someone that somehow manages to make you laugh even when all you wanted to do was cry your  eyes out. Or squeezes you so hard that suddenly, you feel invincible to all the awful things in this world.  Just because, that's who they are.  
My dear dear friend Kirsten once told me to "Chase the happy and hold on tight."
So everyday, I am resolved to chasing that happy. 
 It's going to be rough some days, but that's just the way life works, I guess.
This song is just a testament to having friends, family, loved ones to be there for each other. 
To know that you're not alone in ever feeling down and pitiful. It's natural...

"Don't know what's coming tomorrow. Maybe it's trouble and sorrow. 
But we'll travel the road. Sharing our load, side by side"

Who really knows what's coming tomorrow? Who cares?
I've lived in the "now" more in this last year than I ever have. And I'm so glad for it.
So, find people that make you want to live for "now" and worry less about
what the future may or may not hold, and just enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

~*Day 21 of 365*~
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Happy Christmas! Happy Krampus!
I almost changed around the words to "All I want for Krampus is you".
The Krampus is slightly different than St. Nick. But, important, nonetheless! 
I figured out about The Krampus a few years ago, it is more of an Eastern European tradition/ figure.
I always try and bring about awareness of this fun figure every year. This is actually a Krampus/ Christmas postcard, pictured above. Hopefully it makes you smile as much as it makes me smile!
I am so full of Cold/ flu medicine right now, but I really wanted to record a XMas blog entry.
Hopefully it's passable! 
I wish everyone a day full of love and laughter.  
Of reflections on the previous year and plans/ hopes for the coming year.
Merry Krampus to all, and to all...
A good night. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

 ~*Day 20 of 365*~
Walkin' My Baby Back Home
This is my take on an old standard... surprise!!...
One of my favorite versions of this tune is performed by Nat King Cole.
He had such a smooth voice, and great diction and control. :)
I utilized some tapshoe "tap tap tapping" for the instrumental break in this one, instead of the usual scatting, singing or whistling. I think it gets the point across. 
I also, utilized some "night sound" recordings taken one evening 
in Michigan a while ago...
This is a fun little tune with the ukulele really holding down the rhythm
 (Thanks for the advice, Rob Bourassa)! 
Hope you enjoy it! :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

~*Day 19 of 365*~
"Little Boxes"

Okay, so it's been a little minute since I've posted anything on this here blog...  4 Months worth of little minutes, to be exact.  I fully plan on having 365 days worth of blog entries.  It might take me 4 years, but IT SHALL BE DONE!! :)
So, I was listening to the trusty internet radio last night and was delighted to hear Pete Seeger's "Little Boxes" begin to play.  Sometimes we can forget the efficiency of simplicity and a solid observation.
This song has 2 chords, and a pretty awesome statement. I find the repetitive nature of life can get us down sometimes.  We are not all the same. And that's okay. Seriously.  Maybe that was what was wanted in the 50s, but we are so past that. I am grateful to be living in this time period, no matter what political, economical issues are happening.  Be different. Get out of the box.  Don't let predetermined notions of what you "SHOULD do," completely shape you... Be a Cone on the Hillside, or a sphere...
Whatever it is, love it.
Hearts to you all and Happy Green Friday.
Shop local. It's less stressful.
And you feel better about yourself afterwards.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~*Day 18 of 365*~
"Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue"

This is the front cover of a Life magazine featuring "flappers"... Great imagery! 
...I was taught this song last week by a wonderful gentleman downtown. 
His mother played the ukulele and taught him this song when he was young. 
It was the 2nd song he ever learned...and I am honored that he shared it with me. :) 
He even taught me some different lyrics than the original.
Instead of:
 "Turned up nose, turned down hose, never had no other beaus.."
I sing:
"Turned up nose, turned down hose, FLAPPER, YES SIR, ONE OF THOSE"
Those are the lyrics his momma taught him way back when.
Makes it different.
 Makes the whole experience more personal. What a neat tune!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

~*Day 17 out of 365*~
"Hi-Lilli, Hi-Lilli, Hi-Lillo"
"A Song Of Love Is A Sad Song..."
...Featured in the 1953 film "Lili" starring Leslie Caron.
Beautiful Sad Sweet song.
Melodica, Ukulele & vocals-Kira Frabotta

~*Day 16 of 365!*~
"What A Wonderful World"
I took this photo about a week before I left for Nashville, to begin a new chapter
in my journey book of life. :)  It is overlooking this lovely pond right at sunset 
in Dearborn, MI.
My friends just got married yesterday, and they asked me to record this song 
for them, for their wedding. I was, of course, honored to record this on ukulele.
Everything in this song speaks to me... This is truly a wonderful world.
I experience it everyday... from the 3am chirping of birds outside my window(despite the interruption of my slumber!) to the way the sky looks when it can't decide whether it's going to storm 
or let the sun shine out... How sitting and talking to someone for just a moment could make their week... It's especially present when a great tragedy occurs. There is tremendous support from the community, even those not directly affected by it...amazing.
We are all connected.
We are all living. 
We are all full of wonder. :)