Sunday, June 10, 2012

~*Day 14 of 365!*~
'Dancing With Myself' 
~Billy Idol~
Thank you Billy Idol, for this song...
THE dance anthem for me growing up. I always danced, as if no one was watching... I probably looked like an idiot most of the time, limbs flailing around, Butt length brown hair flying in peoples faces (if there were even people on the dance floor).
Growing up in a radio studio, (my mom was a DJ/ Station Manager at local radio station for a good portion of my childhood) exposed me to so much music... especially that of the alternative/punk rock genre.
I remember going to Daddy Daughter dances with my dad and making up the craaaaziest footwork/ dance moves when I was 7 or 8. This song reminds me of all of those times.
Don't be afraid to dance with yourself/ be free spirited and enjoy each moment to the absolute Fullest!! I have to remember that more as an adult, sometimes... I think we all do. :)
PS-I always thought the lyrics were:
"If I had the Chance, I'd TEACH THE WORLD TO DANCE"
It wasn't until TODAY that I realized the real words, which are...:
"If I had the chance I'd ASK THE ONE TO DANCE"
Sometimes you like your version better, eh? hahah

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