Sunday, July 15, 2012

~*Day 16 of 365!*~
"What A Wonderful World"
I took this photo about a week before I left for Nashville, to begin a new chapter
in my journey book of life. :)  It is overlooking this lovely pond right at sunset 
in Dearborn, MI.
My friends just got married yesterday, and they asked me to record this song 
for them, for their wedding. I was, of course, honored to record this on ukulele.
Everything in this song speaks to me... This is truly a wonderful world.
I experience it everyday... from the 3am chirping of birds outside my window(despite the interruption of my slumber!) to the way the sky looks when it can't decide whether it's going to storm 
or let the sun shine out... How sitting and talking to someone for just a moment could make their week... It's especially present when a great tragedy occurs. There is tremendous support from the community, even those not directly affected by it...amazing.
We are all connected.
We are all living. 
We are all full of wonder. :)

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  1. We were so lucky to have a friend who could play piano and sing at our wedding. It added something very special that it was someone we cared about. I'm sure it was the same for the couple you recorded this for.