Tuesday, December 25, 2012

~*Day 21 of 365*~
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Happy Christmas! Happy Krampus!
I almost changed around the words to "All I want for Krampus is you".
The Krampus is slightly different than St. Nick. But, important, nonetheless! 
I figured out about The Krampus a few years ago, it is more of an Eastern European tradition/ figure.
I always try and bring about awareness of this fun figure every year. This is actually a Krampus/ Christmas postcard, pictured above. Hopefully it makes you smile as much as it makes me smile!
I am so full of Cold/ flu medicine right now, but I really wanted to record a XMas blog entry.
Hopefully it's passable! 
I wish everyone a day full of love and laughter.  
Of reflections on the previous year and plans/ hopes for the coming year.
Merry Krampus to all, and to all...
A good night. :)

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