Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 1- New start. new city. Appropriate title for first song...

'Are You Lonesome Tonight?'
words and music by: Roy Turk and Lou Handman

'Are You Lonesome Tonight?'     
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Day 1 of 365:
Here is a tune that I've heard sung by Elvis more times than by anyone else.
His voice carried such a pained passion behind it...
I tried a more up-tempo version with the ukulele, tonight.
Being lonesome, missing someone, having these memories are all so human...
Something we all face during our lives.
A very appropriate song for me, so far from home...


  1. Wonderful wonderful stuff! I am feeling a bit of pained passion in your rendition also? Good luck to you Kira as you follow and chase your dreams. We are indeed, all so human... wishing you much success on your journey Kirabelle.