Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 2 of 365 Days of Ukulele!!

'After You've Gone':
 Composed in 1918 by Turner Layton, with lyrics written by Henry Creamer.

This song has been performed by so many of the
 great songsters and songstresses of our time. 
Marion Harris(, 
however, was the first to record this song, in 1918...
It amazes me how many fantastic tunes came out of this era.
Every time I find a new tune from the early 20th century, I feel 
as if I've won a prize, or discovered a rare reel from one of 
those 'Viewmasters', or stereoscopic toys that you hold up 
to the light for a secret picture story for your eyes only.  
Awesome-sauce. :)

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