Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 11 of 365!
'Tell Me Why'

This is an old American folk song, that was actually arranged into a 
Barbershop harmony by a friend of mine.
Really beautiful piece. Not sure why I was reminded of it today...
I kind of changed up the 2nd verse a little.
"Because 'YOU' made 'MY' stars to shine"...etc...
I feel like this is something identifiable to loving someone. 
They make your world different. It changes when you're with them and instead of 
going with the original 2nd verse of "Because 'God' made the stars to shine," I changed it to
the aforementioned quote, instead. Go with it... :)
Also, added some pretty wicked echo to this track.  Felt right.
Lemme know if it hit you the right or wrong way!...
Feedback of ANY sort is ALWAYS appreciated!
Thanks! :)

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