Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 5 of 365!
'Dream A Little Dream Of Me' 
Written in 1931 by Wilbur Schwandt & Fabian Andree. Words by Gus Kahn.

This song was written a long time before it's popularity was renewed in 1968
with a recording by the band 'The Mamas & The Papas'... But it especially became 
popular after The band broke up and Mama Cass was signed to a 3 album deal with 
Dunhill Records. Thie became the title of her first solo album. "Dream A Little Dream Of Me"
was more of a concept album and  Elliot was also keen to try some experimental things such as adding sound effects to most of the songs... Sounds very much in the same vein as a good deal of my
personal recordings. I LOVE collecting sounds; 
Rain, thunder, laughter, faraway ocean, night chirps,etc...
   Anyway, I saw this musical/play at The Ringwald Theatre in Ferndale, Michigan about a year ago,                           chronicling the life and times of Mama Cass... It was very simply put... life-changing.
 I think it should be on Broadway.  I'll have to ask the playwright if I can post her name for reference, because I can't find reference to the play anywhere on the internet...
    Ah well... The B section of this particular version needs more spicy chords than the ones I am playing,
      but it's simple and it works for now.   I'm also experimenting with different effects, speaking of                      
                    "spicing" things up with the recording. hehe.

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