Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 12 of 365!
'Everything You Can Think Of Is True'
By Tom Waits

So, this is a song that I worked out a different arrangement to about 2 years ago.
Peter Jurich came over my house after entering himself into a on-line singing contest,
Peter pretty much yelled the words in rhythm (with a completely straight face, I must add) 
to the camera and submitted it. It was pretty hilarious...
I decided, "Hey, I could totally do a cover of this!,"and brought out my Geetarrr...
After a couple minutes, I figured something out and looked up the lyrics... BAM.
It's pretty cool to see the progression of things. So here is the first attempt of it
that fateful August night... first edition- (EYCTOIT)...
I hope you enjoy the journey of this song and it's many incarnations. 
:)  Sooo creepy. hehe.

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